Antimicrobial coating for floors is appealing to many facilities. It may be utilized in the home, in schools, businesses, restaurants, and of course hospitals and medical facilities. The Tile Doctor Shield® is the first non-toxic antimicrobial product approved for hard surfaces that has no impact on the environment.

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Microbes can damage the appearance and functionality of flooring and surfaces. This can create stains and strong odors, as well as a less clean surface. Antimicrobial coating companies help prevent this and give your floors and surfaces an added layer of protection.

Tile Doctor Shield

Based on unique antimicrobial technology that is built into hard surfaces and grouting products, Tile Doctor Shield effectively controls bacteria, fungi, algae, and yeasts on a variety of treated articles and substrates.

Unlike other companies, the Shield does not poison microbe membranes. It ruptures the membrane upon contact, so there is no chemical remaining to be consumed by microbes or humans.

Safety of Antimicrobial Coating

The coating does not leach, rub off or migrate onto skin. It is safe enough for “next to skin” applications. Since the shield controls the growth of microbes without using chemical toxins, there is no leaching. Other companies use heavy metals, silver, triclosan and other leaching chemistries that emit low doses of toxins.

There are no VOCs in the Tile Doctor Shield, which leads to healthier indoor air quality. It does not contain heavy metals, silver, arsenic, or polychlorinated phenols. Furthermore, it boasts over 40 years of proven, effective use. It has a 99.9% kill log and is effective against a broad range of microbes.


Tile Doctor Shield eliminates the need for harsh cleaners, prevents deterioration of surfaces due to microbial contamination, keeps surfaces cleaner for longer, and is easy to clean and maintain. It is also registered and available worldwide, making it an easily accessible option.


Tile Doctor Shield is built to last for the life of the treated article. While other companies that use chemicals see a decrease in effectiveness when the chemicals are depleted, the shield offers continuous control and will not dissipate or become depleted as long as the surface is intact. This offers protection long after traditional antimicrobials and sanitizers have stopped working.

Since the Shield is permanently bonded to surfaces it won’t leach or off-gas into the environment. It is applied under a strictly controlled, patented process for optimal durability.  The Shield can make surfaces water repellent, which simplifies cleaning. It prevents hard water and soap scum deposits and easily releases stains with neutral cleansers.

Antimicrobial Coating Company

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