Hospitality Flooring Trends

Commercial flooring for hospitality demands an elevated experience, complete with creature comforts. Hospitality flooring trends have gone beyond bare necessities or extreme luxury, to give people a nurtured feeling in their home away from home.

Hospitality Commercial Flooring

Design Trends

Design trends have gone from over the top to a more subtle approach that still gives a luxurious touch. The look and feel of hospitality environments are crucial to ensuring consumers return to a hotel or restaurant.

Macro vs. Micro

Normally, you start with an inspiration material and design the hotel around that mood board. With hospitality flooring, you look things that are local and part of the community instead of just using general design trends. This makes the floor a true part of the space.

Boutique vs. Large Scale Hotels

There is a reason that Airbnb is so popular. People like the look and feel of a home, rather than just a hotel room. So, large hotel chains are straying from the cookie cutter look to focus on regional artwork, locally sourced furniture and create spaces that are unique and celebrate the locale. This allows the design to follow that narrative instead of focusing on the brand standard.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring continues to be requested by hotel and restaurant projects. Wood flooring is timeless, and therefore very appealing. It can bring true character to the interior of space and is easily complemented with plants, sunlight, and ventilation.

Hospitality design trends use wood to naturally warm up a space. Wood flooring can also be paired with throw rugs for a sophisticated, residential style. This also makes for easier cleaning since area rugs can be washed regularly. Area rugs also help mitigate acoustic challenges that comes with hard surfaces.

Saying Goodbye to Carpet

Faced with the benefits of wood flooring, many are moving away from wall-to-wall carpet. This is due to a few other reasons. Like the fact that a hotel room looks more like home if it has hardwood floor and a rug. Another reason is germs. Many people worry about walking on carpet that hasn’t been cleaned.


Use of vintage rugs for projects has also become popular. They can be dry cleaned easily and they help to balance the hard surfaces and acoustics. It is also a great way of recycling and giving a beautiful piece a second chance. Not to mention it adds a unique charm to any room.

Tile and Stone

Tile and stone are versatile, which makes them appealing to designers looking to create hospitality spots. With so many design options available, tile or stone is the perfect complement to any design. You can create a stone entry way that meets hardwood in the lobby and then transition to tile in the restaurant. The combinations are nearly endless.

Timeless Beauty

Tile, stone, and wood flooring age beautifully. Unlike patterned flooring, they won’t be out of date in 5-10 years. Instead, these materials offer longevity and durability in a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Customization will always be important to hotels and restaurants looking to deliver a unique experience to consumers.

Choosing the Right Company for Hospitality Flooring Projects

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